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everyone have a kakugane deep down inside

the one & only: Busou Renkin Ratings!
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We Were Meant To Live For So Much More
...have we lost ourselves?!

>> SUNLIGHT HEART ___about

This is a rating community for the new anime by XEBEC and manga by Watsuki-sensei: Busou Renkin. Join the club if you're interested in the series and would love to know which BR character is your alter-ego. *wink*

How to get rated? Be sure to follow the rules and the mod mistress will do the stamping! To be officially stamped, it will take around a week (or less), depending on your required numbers of votes. Make sure to vote others as well! (it comes in one package to be stamped *wink*)

pending to be listed at stamping_comms.

>> VALKYRIE SKIRT ___rules

# Be polite, nice, and civilized. (or Tokiko-san will cut your guts out!)

# That means NO drama, spam, ad, flaming, war, hack, or undecent typings. (don't say I didn't warn ya)

# To apply, copy & paste the form from [navigation], answer them in your most honest way possible, along with explaination if needed. Posting a photo (or more) of you at the end is optional.

# Pretty please vote for at least 3 other members once you've joined the community, or once you've submitted your application - or you will not be stamped.

# YES, you may vote for yourself. (might change if there's TONS of members, but highly unlikely)

# Don't stop there, do please continue to vote for other members. If caught not doing so, I have the right to take back your stamp. Why, it's just not fair to others, rite? (unless there's no more new application, duh :P)

# Please support the pending applications, if you haven't voted for the list yet.

# Requirement numbers of affirmative votes you should get is 3 to be officially stamped.

# Minimum/affirmative to 1 vote, maximum/alternatives to 2 votes ONLY. It will be appreciated if you can briefly explain the reasons to your voting(s). Bolded character votes will only be accepted or qualified. Thanks.

# For after a month since application and if there's not enough votes yet, the mod will make the final decision and will have no choice but to stamp, because of lacking members = participation. :(

# You are only allowed to get re-stamped ONCE. Hey, at least you get a chance. However, to re-apply, submit your application after a month (from your first official stamped date), vote for at least 3 more members, and patiently wait. That is all.

# To those who got stamped, please upload your stamp to your own server, and link it back to renkin_rating. Much appreciated.

# Do NOT simply claim or save stamp(s) and display it as if you deserve or own it when you clearly never gotten stamped by the mod, I will have records, and if I do find that you do so, I (and the rest of the Alchemy Warrior team) will hunt you down!!

# To claim that you've read the rules, type "Seduction. *insert any name* KISS" somewhere on your application entry title, or LJ-cut text.

# Affliation are most welcomed, but please comment to this entry only, or your post will be deleted and you may be banned.

>> KAKUGANE ___navigation

Character List: HERE.

Application form:

Stamped List: HERE.

>> TEAM BRAVO ___affliates

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+ watsuki

+ rk_ratings

+ fukuyama_jun

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Wanna be part of the group? Apply here!


Wanna exchange links? Click here!

official sites: anime | xebec | tv tokyo | ps2

If you have any enquiries about the community, seek for sagaranna or mail me at sanosuke_fan {at} yahoo {dot} com with the subject "renkin_rating". You may also comment in the official entries (character list, stamped list, promotional purpose).

NEW! I've just created an open (non-LJ) rating site HERE. Those who do not have LJ may apply there! Terms and condition apply.

[ Kazuki is sweet protective dorky cute LOVE | ...by sagaranna ]

more Busou Renkin graphics goodies (icons, colorbars, etc.) can be obtained here.